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Today, we still test batteries mainly for its capability to start the car. Though the battery is also used intensely to support all vehicle electrics. On top of that, modern systems like the start-stop system do not only use the battery. It’s inherent to the start-stop system that the engine shuts down and the battery is therefore no longer supported. Furthermore, modern batteries have to be able to accept brake energy and work with smart alternators. This is why, nowadays, we need to test whether batteries are capable to support such activities. When you don’t test a battery for its capability to perform these new tasks, you can expect the start-stop system to fail. In a later stage other car electrics start to fail and finally you won’t be able to start the car.


Diagnose differently


Since more and more vehicles are using the battery to support electrical drains (ever listened to the radio with the engine switched off?), it is key to diagnose whether the battery can actually support the car's electrical drains. To test a battery's ability to support such drains, you need to diagnose the Reserve Capacity.


We, at Midtronics, have developed a new technology for testing Reserve Capacity (Ah), which is called Conductance ProfilingTM. In our labs we developed a profile. A profile based on hundreds of batteries that were situated on the Reserve Capacity spectrum (GOOD – NOT GOOD). We now use this profile to compare with Conductance Profiling test results and thus predict the battery’s Reserve Capacity.


So what happens during a test?

First let's make sure we know the difference between CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) and Reserve Capacity (Ampere - hour).


Cold Cranking Amps: ..are the discharge load a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage higher than 7.2 volts at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reserve Capacity: defined as the number of minutes a fully charged 12-volt battery at 80 degrees Fahrenheit can provide 25 amperes at 10.5 volts until the voltage decreases.


In Midtronics' new products we test both abilities. In just one minute we test the cranking ability of the battery and the ability to support a drain. The measured results we compare to the battery profiles we have developed. Our team of experts has tested and profiled such a large number of batteries, we can tell by just a snippet of test information if the battery is still fit to support the vehicle.

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