service and depower hybrid and electric vehicles coming into your workshop.

This battery service tool offers the possibility to depower, balance, and charge hybrid and electric vehicle battery packs.


With this unit we offer the industry’s first high voltage hybrid and electric vehicle battery service tool. Perform battery pack service with simple controlled and automated processes, including:


1. Safely discharge the battery pack or sections in or out of vehicle to ready them for transportation.

2. Balance sections, charging and discharging them individually, for ensuring optimal battery pack operation.

3. Capture the VIN and generate detailed status reports of the vehicle’s battery pack including information on cell level.


This xEV battery service stations offers you the possibility to reduce time and expense for your customers. Furthermore, it helps you to reduce warranty costs.


Working with hybrid and electric vehicles requires safety measures. Please contact us to discuss possibilities for the GRX-5100 xEV Battery Service Tool.


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