find the cause of battery failure with this comprehensive piece of equipment.

The only diagnostic charger in the world. This battery diagnostic station charges the battery based on its condition. The GRX continuously monitors the charging progress and how the battery responds. In this way it recognizes if the battery can be brought back to service and follows up on the diagnosis in the least possible time.


One unit for battery management: testing and charing. With this one unit you can diagnose and charge based upon the measured battery condition. In most cases, this unit advises whether the battery can be recovered or not in no more than five minutes.


Defective batteries are identified rapidly and recoverable batteries are quickly and safely charged. The added value over an EXP-1000 SERIES tester lies with this station’s capability to charge and with that repeatetly monitor the battery response. It is one of little ways to know about a battery’s condition more accurately next to the IDR-10’s ability to measure over time.


The ultimate tool for preventive maintenance in the workshop helps increase efficiency as time is not wasted on charging faulty batteries and increase service, customer satisfaction and turnover as you identify defective batteries.




  1. Connect the charger to the battery and switch it on
  2. Select the diagnostic charging mode
  3. Select the test parameters such as test location, battery type, standard and rating
  4. The initial analysis is started existing of: conductance test, deep scan test, load test and conductance lest. When the GRX determines the battery to be healthy and it’s safe to charge, it proceeds with the charging session.
  5. Several charge modes are performed to indicate charge acceptance, charge the battery according battery condition, monitor progress and battery condition, and provide updates on charging parameters and remaining charge time as you go. During the charge cycle conductance and load tests are performed to monitor the battery response.





  • Charger unit
  • Cart
  • 190cm replaceable charge cables
  • User manual



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