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  • What are the warranty conditions?

    We apply a two-year warranty policy for our battery management products. The two years start from when the end-customer buys the unit. Cables are not part of this warranty.


  • What if my warranty term has passed?

    When the repair is not covered by warranty we first send out a quote for your approval before we continue and repair your product.


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Find our authorized transportation partners in service and distribution.


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For authorized stationary partners in service and distribution please contact:





  • I would like to give feedback

    Please let us know your complaint, comment, or feedback of any other possible nature using our contact form below or use the contact details and call so we can discuss your concern.


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    Maarten Kwakkenbos

    Customer Service

    +31 (0)30 68 68 157

  • I want to promote Midtronics

    We are open to discuss your interests.

    Please contact us.


    For Sales oriented matters:

    Leon Janssen

    Desk +31(0) 30 68 68 152



    For Marketing oriented matters:

    Clemens Streng

    Desk +31 (0)30 68 68 156


  • Newsletter subscription

    Our newsletter mission is to solely bring topics to you that are highly relevant for our average relation. We have several stakeholders for which we can hardly promise that every message will be hyper relevant for you. But what we can promise is that we will not send newsletters every month. Per newsletter we will publish about three topics that can cover a relevant announcement, a product release, the launch of an online platform, our updated service or sales distributor network, or developments in battery management that we find relevant enough to share with you.

    Unsubscribe? Contact our marketing department:


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  • Download not working?

    A link may not be working due to an installed firewall or a web browser that does not properly support our website (e.g., Internet Explorer).

  • Manual unavailable?

    Certain manuals have not yet been updated to this website. Please go to Here all our manuals are available. If anything is missing please contact us and we will help you to get what you need.

  • Presentation not found?

    We only present a selection of our presentations on this website. Custom made presentations you may find through your account manager. Feel free to contact our marketing department for assistance:

  • I want to add a press release

    We are glad to welcome new press releases. Please contact our marketing department:

  • Why Battery Management?

    At Midtronics we live and breath Battery Management. You can read more about Battery Management here.



  • I don't understand the website structure

    We have rebuilt our European Midtronics website to better serve our EMEA stakeholders.


    On the far left of your screen you find icons that resemble the larger sections of our website:

    HOME, PRODUCTS, CAREERS, CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Within these sections the menu bar on the top of our website fills with sub-departments, which enable you to quickly navigate through the subjects on the page. We are always glad to hear about your visiting experience.


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  • Where is the Midtronics web shop?

    We sell through our local distributors. Please find your local distributor here.

  • Why English only?

    Our website is developing fast. We are striving to bring our website to you in multiple languages soon.


  • What can service do for me?

    You can contact our service department for technical support, service related questions and for ordering spare parts.


    Emiel, our service specialist

  • Where can I have my Midtronics tool repaired?

    Please navigate to our service partner overview.

  • To which address do I send my unit for repair (for countries that have no local service partner)

    Midtronics EMEA Headquarters

    Hoofdveste 6

    3992 DG Houten

    The Netherlands

  • Average responding time

    Depending on whether the product is still under warranty, we strive to either send out a quote for the repair job (no warranty) or send back the repair product (warranty) within 48 hours.

  • How long does a repair or calibration take?

    For calibration, we know two paths:

    1. After customer approval, we send back your battery management product within 2 days. Calibrated of course.

    2. With new customers, we send a pro forma invoice. After payment is done, we send back the calibrated battery management product within 2 days.

  • What are the prices for repairs and calibration?

    The costs will be calculated based upon an hourly rate per tester model and used parts. We will ask for your approval before we perform the repair service, so that you know what you will pay for the repair when you can still decide.


    Calibration € 70.- per tester

    With average use we recommend you to recalibrate your product at least once every 2 years.

  • What if I don't accept the quote for repair?

    We can send back the unit unrepaired for which we charge  €30.- handling costs. If you do not want us to return the unit, we will dispose of it.


  • Do I need an RMA?

    There is no need for an RMA.

  • My new Midtronics product is not working

    When an out-of-box Midtronics product fails to work, please contact us:

  • Updating your Midtronics product

    The updating of Midtronics products does not work the same for all of our products. Please make sure to first consult the user manual to see how it works for your specific tool and whether it is possible in the first place. Older models are updated using an SD card. For the newer models, we can update through the air. Car brand specific tools are often updated through online networks for their dealerships. If all does not help you, please feel free and contact us.

  • What do distributors do for me?

    Our local distributors can assist you in choosing the right product for your battery management needs. They can sell and provide you with our Midtronics battery management equipment and accessories. In case you need anything else, feel free to come to us where our distributors are unable to further assist. Our customer portal provides many answers and tools for several needs. On top, we are ready to assist you in finding your way and explain more about battery management, the problems and solutions.


    Go to the distributors page.

  • Advice and help choosing a product

    Please find your first product information on our product pages or in the battery management book (product catalog). Otherwise, contact your local distributor or call us to assist you in making the right decision.

  • Custom solutions

    Please contact us to discuss your needs:


    Leon Janssen

    Desk +31(0) 30 68 68 152

  • There is no distributor in my country

    Midtronics keeps growing. Hopefully we will soon have a distributor in your country. In the meantime, contact our EMEA Headquarters to order your products.


    Maarten Kwakkenbos

    Desk +31(0) 30 68 68 157

  • How do I become a distribution partner?

    Please contact us to discuss.


    Leon Janssen

    Desk +31(0) 30 68 68 152

  • A non-authorized distributor is selling me Midtronics products

    Please contact us so we can find out what is going on.


    Maarten Kwakkenbos

    Desk +31(0) 30 68 68 157

  • Other aftermarket/distribution related matters

    Leon Janssen

    Desk +31(0) 30 68 68 152



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